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About VRPark
VRPark Venues are located at selectes locations around United States.
We develop, build, distribute, operate and license tech-driven entertainment concepts based on virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

AT VRPark experience fully immersive virtual reality either by walking around in virtual space or on our seamless VR motion platforms. Get transported to amazing new worlds! at VRPark you will have a blast enjoying the future of Entertainment.

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VRPark is a venture of GZGN Inc.
Our concepts
Location based VR Entertaintment is about to take off.
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We offer you to choose from different types of our Entertaintment concepts. Either seated VR or Standing VR, All of them are equipped with cutting edge technology.
Santa's Sleigh VR Ride combines an exciting ride that Santa takes over the hills and houses on the eve of Christmas to deliver his presents to kids all over the world.
Financing available!
This ride combines Virtual Reality with a 3 DOF motion to provide an exhilarating thrill to your customers. This ride can be equipped with a Santa Mannequin and photo shoot kit for family photo opportunities.
Snow Dog Sled VR Ride combines an exhilarating ride that snow dogs take over the snow covered hills and mountains.
Financing available!
This ride combines Virtual Reality with a 3 DOF motion to provide winter themed heat warming thrills for your customers. This ride can be equipped with a photo shoot kit.
VRPark Gaming Station
Gaming Station
VRPark Gaming Station combines exciting games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja with virtual reality to provide thrilling experiences to gamers.
Financing available!
You can select up to 400 games on a pay-per-minute base out of which we recommend 50 for suitability to the existing system setup. VRPark Gaming Station provides dual player gaming experience with minimal lag. VRPark Gaming Station can be configured with up to four controllers, two virtual reality headsets, and two screens to provide standing but exciting thrills to your customers.
Helicopter VR World Cities Tour combines an exhillirating helicopter ride over major world cities like New York, London, Paris and Istanbul in virtual reality. You can experience these cities from the air in rich detail.
Financing available!
This ride combines Virtual Reality with a 3 DOF motion to provide safe but exhilirating thrill to your customers.
Safari VR
Safari VR Tour
Safari VR Tour presents a scenic nature view in virtual reality. This tour takes you into the Serengeti and next to the lions, giraffes, and elephants.
Financing available!
The Safari VR Tour is as educational as it is entertaining for kids visiting zoos, museums, or jungle cafes. The Safari VR Tour can be equipped with a photo shoot kit, hats, rifles, binoculars, and 3 Oculus VR headsets. This ride combines Virtual Reality with a 3 DOF motion to provide an amazing wildlife experience to your customers of all ages.
Horse Carriage VR Ride
Horse Carriage
Horse Carriage VR Ride presents a scenic and rustic countryside view in virtual reality.
Financing available!
This ride takes you back in time to experience past times in minute detail. This ride combines Virtual Reality with a 3 DOF motion to provide an awe inspiring experience to your customers.
Of Your Very Own
the VRPark
If you are serious about opening a location or want to learn more about what we offer to our licensees, send us an email and we will be in contact shortly. Be part of the fastest growing industry!
Indoor Entertainment
Good for up to 40 people.
VRPark has begun licensing our brand and core systems. If you have been interested in starting a VR arcade but not sure where to start or how to get everything up and running, we are here to help. We have locations going up all over the country and have created systems that allow you to track your arcade and its success day-to -day.
Virtual or Real? It does not matter!
We specialize in all things VR from the simple phone based headsets to cutting edge full body motion systems. Check out our selection of immersive concepts, head over to one of our storefront, and have an incredible new VR experience.
Work with us
Regardless of your title and role in VRPark, you'll be inviting people to another world...
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